In my point of view SEMRUsh, moz and ahfres are holding more shares among the other SEO tool in the basis of revenue and popularity.

At the same time blogs like, search engine land, search engine journal, and others guys are running SEO agencies.

If we pay attention, we will understand one thing these guys are working as co-operative societies.

Above mentioned Bloggers always writes about the benefits of SEO tools and how they are working and how these tool help them to achieve 1st positions in Google.

All those guys discuss about different type of backlinking and organic SEO methods. At the same time these guys don’t forget to mention each other.

If we are reading their blogs or listening to their podcast or watching their videos we thing link building is easiest part of off page SEO. Moz, ahrefs show us how to link build and different link building techniques.

How to reach out a blogger? Find a broken link? Then they discuss about more than 10 techniques to link build. And finally they teach us how to compose a mail to get backlink. What else all done. But in reality if we send a mail for backlink no response will get. If we get a response they ask for some dollars. Also Google tells us no paid backlinking, Or all paid link will penalized. These caucus chores us no paid back link.

SEO Myth: what folks told to us, it is the easiest part
SEO Reality: Don’t trust them. Without paid, no one is going to backlink.

These caucus are running SEO agencies, they get whatever they want(backlink or mentions). They are brilliantly marketing them. As a business owner you try this out many times and miserably fails. Then you reach out these guys to do some SEO and marketing. They charge million dollars..

In reality SEO Tools and Blogs Cheating on you. Now a days seo is dead. Most of the Google search is non clickable. Then what is the Relevance of doing SEO. Brain is always promotes these SEO tools. Also show his website position in search with help of screenshots.

Don’t Trust these guys!!!!

Tim soulo and company always promoting his tools. Only their blogs are somehow closer to reality. But now a day they are also misleading people with click baits.

These guys are looting the people in the name of SEO.