Page Ranking is Not a Rocket Science

It’s been a few days since there has been a twitter war going on between Bill Slawski and Ahrefs. A few days ago, Ahrefs published a correlation study on Twitter about linkbuilding and website ranking. Ahrefs has been in the SEO market for more than a decade, and Bill Slawski recently completed his 20 years in the search industry.

After reading this post, Bill Slawski pitched into this issue and pointed out the factual errors that have been in the Ahrefs studies about page ranking and link building. It’s quite a healthy conversation.

Suddenly, its form changed. Finally, Bill announced in the form of ridicule, that they knew nothing about page ranking. Their team is clueless about page ranking. Until then, those who supported Ahrefs disavowed them overnight and started bullying Ahrefs.

Basically, Bill Slawski doesn’t like Ahrefs (me either, I don’t like them because sometimes they mislead people with the wrong thumbnail) because they are successful in the search industry. Basically, this bill is an envious Google stooge and some jobless folks came to support him on this issue.

Bill explains the purpose of page rank and without page rank, how will the world nose dive? His supporters brutally troll Ahrefs.

Page Ranking is Not Important

In my experience, I don’t care about page rank. I only value the result. The user doesn’t care about how this page is weighed in search. A customer only checks what this website will pay him in return. In my opinion, page rank is not that important or crucial. My aim is to rank a website for a particular keyword, nothing less or more. Because more than 65% of Google searches are non-clickable, this debate is worthless. Page rank is somewhere between 0 and 10, but customers don’t care about whether this website is in the top search. Already, Google has stopped that deal. And they make Page Rank inaccessible to the public, despite the fact that it is still used in their algorithms.

These folks are causing unnecessary issues. I am waiting for John Muller to make a statement regarding this issue. Jealous people always make noise.