Now a days Image optimization have a crucial role in SEO.  It’s a part of user experience, 100 words cannot convey ideas to user, but image can convey what was creator try to tell.

What is Image Optimization?

It’s simple… optimize an image for website and search. Please keep some point in mind.

While doing image optimization think about do not affect

  • Loading time of website
  • Quality of image
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick response
  • User experience
  • Data loss

Optimized image help us to Reduce

  • Bounce rate: bounce rate increases ranking will effect
  • Size of the image: less size will increase less loading time
  • Burden of network resources


Image optimization increase your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings


How to optimize Image?

Image Optimization methods are compressing image size, file formats based on the web page layout and structure, Image keyword optimization, Image title and description and infographics creation.

Best Image Optimization Methods

Image compression

Image size compression will accelerate the website speed. This will reduce the bounce rate and improve the search visibility. We are using Tiny PNG that will not reduce the image quality but reduce the size. This tool is effective, basically we don’t support SEO Tools but we suggest this. You can use any tool but one thing bear in mind do not compromise with quality and user experience.

Choose Right File Format

Before creating a image for you website you have to choose the best file type.

There are several files types

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • SVG

Don’t forget to give a file name with keyword.

Best Image Optimization Methods


Creating Infographics is graphical representation of your blog. It’s the best way to convey your idea to people. A clipped compound of information and graphics.  They can improve utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability.

Keyword and Alt Optimization

Keyword optimization is best practise to rank your image in search. People search for the keyword your image will be shown to SERP. Targeted keyword should be present in ALT. If your image is not shown due to any technical reason ALT text will show.

Title and description optimization

Keyword should be included in title and description that will increase your blog search visibility. Image ranking is mostly easier part in SEO. In first page itself so many images will shown in SERP. That will improve your Brand value and search presence.

Image Caching

Image caching is the most effective optimization method. Storing image files within a user’s browser cache or on a proxy server for fast and easy access.

Browser-side caching reduces application requests and a given page’s download size.