SEO Myth: Expected for new tactic.

SEO Reality: Old wine in a new Bottle, Misleading!!!

Recently I have seen a YouTube video published by Ahrefs titled” holiday SEO- holiday seo tip to maximize organic traffic”. What you think after reading this title? Most of them will think Ahrefs is going to discuss a newer SEO tactic for holiday Sale. But the video is disappointing and misleading.

They are discussing the old SEO technique. Onpage/Off page. Their simple aim is to get some click. Nothing new in that video. Shame On Ahfres!!!!

This video is the better example How a super cool seo tool became a very low super Fraud. Tim Soulo (@timsoulo)has to take care about this. This is disappointing.

Old wine in a new Bottle.

This video is explaining about, you have to start SEO before 6 months to target the festival season. These things are discuss many time in different blogs and videos in different formats.

This video is the Best example ahrefs will go at any stoop to promote their tool.

Actually Ahrefs and other Tools link building techniques and methods are very misleading. They are not discussing how tough is link building.

I request Ahrfes to stop Frauding and misleading people…