I don’t know how many of you remember that everyone can access all countries search engines from your county. Example from Belgium you can access .co.in, .ae,.com,.sa, etc.. And you can search for a ‘keyword’ and calculate the position of your website for different countries.  Now it’s not possible, only we can access our country’s search engine only.

That means without help of any keywords tool we can search website position in different country.

After 2017 Google suddenly stopped that feature. Google Joint hand with corporate SEO Tool companies to loot SEO agencies. Providing full supports to SEO tool to sell their product something like to rob Agencies. If Google will not stop this feature SEO agencies are not going to purchase these tools. Google take this step after a SEO meet up held on 2017. Google decided to support this poor ‘Stool’ companies.

SEO Myth: Enhancement

SEO Reality: LOOT!!!

Small or big SEO Agencies have only one way, they should have to purchase the tool to know the actual position of keyword. It’s a big burden for small agencies. All SEO tools have same subscription rate. Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRUSH charging $99. All are extremely frauds.

More than 65% of organic search are Non-clickable.  Less than 35% is clickable at the same time in paid search less than 2% clickable then what is the purpose spending this much money.  Literally SEO have no importance.

Please abundant this tools and it is easy to do SEO without this Tools.