I started my SEO career in 2009 in a content management website; blogging, software reviews, technews and Google updates.  From there I became master in keyword analysis. Best keyword analyst and optimizer At that time I used bare hand SEO (doing SEO without the help of seo tool) . At that time blogging industry is the billion dollars industry. In my knowledge founder of mashable is the most earning person in that time.

At that time in regular intervals Google releases or updates algorithm (panda, penguin etc…)

It is Google’s conspiracy!!!

These updates vanished blogging industry. Google call it as enhancement, actually they are digging the grave for CM websites.

Simultaneously Google select some website as their

, and then gave them more search visibility and recommendation in search. Their click share is high comparing to other websites. Ads revenue is also high. Google manipulate the search for their friends. Based on this issue In some countries Google faces courts and cases.

Google Killed Blogging Industry

Google introduced a featured search; it is the beginning of the end of SEO.

After introduction of structured data and rich snippets all user get their information without reading the article. Imagine some publishing his article investing his time and money. But people can get information without reading the entire article. ie, Google take the information and shows to googler without giving proper citation. Big loss for blogger. He didn’t get the adsense revenue. No ROI for author.

Google’s biggest scam ever is Google change its company status into a product under ALPHABET. Google want all information/Data into their platform. They all get it, Third party added or shares their information’s in their platform. After getting all this things Google convert into product.


Can you imagine that more than 65% of organic search are Non-clickable.  Less than 35% is clickable at the same time in paid search less than 2% clickable this data is share by Ranfishkin.  literally SEO have no importance.


Google wants their user to stay in their product Google search.

So called experts like Barry Schwartz, Bill Slawski, Barry Adams always tell in Forty times an hour

Still SEO have chances, Attributes and importants of SEO. They behave like google’s stooge or lickspittle.

Actually Blogging industry is dead or in ventilator. Same will happen towards Vlogging Industry (Youtube).