Most of the SEO keyword tools are paid. First they invite as to test our keyword frequency, opportunity and relevancy using their tool. After a short period they changed into paid version. we have no choice we will purchase the keyword. Minimum charge will be $99/month. Tool like ahrefs will not provide mobile ranking for this rate they demand more amount.

I will tell you to how to research keyword without Using SEO keyword tools-for free, without spending a single penny you analysis your keyword competition. You already know this but I will tell you minimally.

How to use

I use only four tools these are they

  1. Google search
  2. Keyword planner
  3. Google trends
  4. Webmaster

Google search

it’s a simple technique. Each and every one Google for results this will help you to research keyword. Just Google your selected keyword, the result will be shown.

Its shows..

  1. Google search frequency
  2. First 10 position then proceeded by 10 pages results.
  3. You can analyses how is ranking for zero searches what will be their content where they were included their keywords.
  4. Check their images and infographics.
  5. Who is ranking for local searches?
  6. From related searches we will get so many keyword combinations like near me, specific locations and its synopsis

Example: search for the keyword “best apartment”

Get a result from f 67, 20, 00,000, including local search, zero search, Featured search, website ranking with prices, how many left, apartment review from different websites,  Reviews in different forums,  Related searches help as to find location based and synopsis keywords.

Research Keyword without Using SEO keyword tools

Keyword planner

Using keyword planner we can easily find out the keyword frequency. We can discover new keyword its search volume and forecast. Average monthly searches, competitions, we can select location for keyword. We can get available keyword ideas also.

 Google trends

Google trends help us to find how our keyword trends for different keyword. The keyword idea gets from keyword planner.

  1. We can check keyword trends from Google trends
  2. Which region we getting more searches
  3. Image search, news, shopping, YouTube,
  4. We can check on different category, related topics and related queries


SEO is a long term process.. In this slow race we can use Webmaster tool to get keyword impression, clicks and position. From there we can get new keyword ideas.