“Ahrefs Keyword Planner Accuracy Video Reality”, There is no doubt that ahrefs is a good SEO Solution. But sometimes they say lame excuses to sell their products.  “How Accurate is Google Keyword Planner?” What is being said in this video is completely true. If using google keyword planner to check the frequency of keywords like banks in America, American banks, Bank of America the keyword planner merged all these keyword and shows frequency of this keyword “Bank of America”. Any of these keywords will always be taken as Bank of America.
Ahrefs Keyword Planner Accuracy

However, what is the need to purchase ahrefs keyword Tool?

We can do SEO without using ahrefs keyword tool. You do not need to pay this much money to buy this tool during this pandemic time. For the last three years I have been doing SEO without the help of any SEO tools.

Ahrefs Keyword Planner Accuracy Ahrefs Keyword Planner Accuracy Ahrefs Keyword Planner Accuracy

Suppose we or the client suggests a keyword.  We choose that keyword because it is so important. If we use keyword planner or Google Trends, do we really need to avoid using that keyword because we do not get the actual search frequency?

No, Not really

So we do not need to use ahrefs keyword Tool. Without using ahrefs we can get actual result and we can do SEO.  Instead, let’s see how we can do SEO.