Hotel SEO should be seen as just a name to shock people, nothing more in that. Please check all the blogs that written about this topic, all of them first discussing about SEO in beginning. In my experience nothing is called Hotel SEO. Whatever business you are doing add the word SEO. Example Appliance SEO, Realestate SEO, Hospital SEO, Hotel SEO nothing is different all are SEO.

all these blogs are discussing about Same onpage/offpage SEO. They all include hotel in front of all title.

All hotel SEO blogs are following same Format

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First title…

What is SEO for Hotels?

Myth: Search engine optimization is the process to optimizing “hotel” website on search engines. It enables you to strengthen your online presence, drive traffic to your hotel website, and enhance your hotel’s bookings. It is one of the guaranteed strategies to win over your competitors.

Next “hotel digital marketing (Coming Soon!!!)

Reality: Nothing new… explaining the SEO adding the word hotel.
SEO for Hotel

Second Title…

Why is Hotel SEO Important?

Myth: Hotel industries have more competition, 100s of results showing in this search. For this reason that SEO is so important: attain best position in SERP get most bookings possible from guest searches. SEO is important because it’s far less expensive than other marketing methods, including most traditional advertising.

Major benefits include:

  • More exposure.
  • Fewer dollars spent.
  • Higher-quality leads.

Reality: Above mention all things are same steps of SEO. Nothing new, one thing they don’t tell you “importance of SEO is no more”. Because click share is doomed.

All blogs doesn’t forget to quote this below statement.

 You’ve probably heard of people say “the top of page 1 on Google” – that is a top ranking on a SERP. The number one result in Google gets 33% of the clicks, so the investment to get there is worth it.

Third Title…

How to Do SEO for Hotel Website the Right Way (Title various depend of blog)


Keyword Research

A keyword is one of the key components of Hotel SEO.  This tells you about how you can get the common keywords to rank your hotel’s website higher on Google.

Detail Analysis on

  • Primary keywords.
  • Secondary keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords.

Reality: Discussing about keyword combinations. Different type of keyword analysing method in detailed; Includes hotel words frequently. These are same method used in SEO.

Meta (Page titles and Descriptions): Onpage


Webpage title, Meta description, and URL play an important role in the SEO of your hotel website. These are the only way to understand each one of them and write SEO friendly content for your hotel website.

Improve your website by updating your page titles and Meta descriptions. Each page on your website has a unique title and Meta description.


Discussing about main roles of SEO friendly page title and description, content optimization and marketing, image optimization and internal linking and its benefits all these are similar to Onpage SEO. Then all bloggers are concern about Maldives business no other country have hotel and tourism


Optimize Hotel Website’s Loading Speed


What is the Hotel website loading speed improvement and important in SEO. Loading speed decide the bounce rate, increase in bounce rate decrease rankings position. Leaving a website is losing a customer.


Above mention all things are correct and important. Not only hotel but also all business website need to improve the loading speed.

All blogging website quote this below statement in different formats

So, what should hotel websites aim for? As a general rule, research shows that 47% of consumers expect a load time that is no longer than 2 seconds, and 40% of people will leave your website if that load speed exceeds 3 seconds. source

Fourth Title…

 Hotel Local SEO

Myth: Adding your hotel in Google My Business page is best thought because Local SEO is a great strategy that makes your hotel more visible for specific keywords on a local. Price comparison, facilities, occupancy, user rating, services and special offers many more features shown in GMB its varies depends on location.


These things are same as other category business in GMB. Local SEO is simple, easy and power method to get business. A GMB feature varies based on business category.

Off page Hotel SEO


Different Off page techniques are listing below:

  • Connecting with Analytics and Webmaster
  • Link Building
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Connection
  • Schema/Structured Data
  • Sitemap and Page Indexing source


Nothing different Off page SEO for Hotel Website

Foot Note

Bloggers are just misleading readers. Hotel website SEO is not different from normal website SEO. You can do SEO for any website using your SEO knowledge. You don’t need additional information.