What is Facebook’s Call Now Clicks?

You may have heard of Facebook’s link click, earlier call now is only shown in link click. Now link click is also present in Messaging ads. The call now link click is seems to be the most fraudulent. That is,  the time we look at adsmanager it shows thousands of call now clicks, after seeing this on analytics we  will be very happy. This is because when someone clicked on call now, a call is connected and it is consider as a lead.  And as an advertiser, we will be happy.

A Best Robbing Techniques

But when we ask the client, they may have received less than 100 calls in total. We thought the client is lying to us. The relation between client and agency gets worse. In fact, it’s not the fault of client or agencies; actually it is Facebook’s scam. While customer checking the ads post when his finger tip clicks on the post, call will be connected. In fact he is checking the post not interested to make a call.  He does not even have touch the call now button. He definitely cut the call. Facebook will charge in between 1 to 15 INR/click. The money will be lost from our client’s pocket but this lead is not useful for our client.

A kind of robbery…

The call will be connected wherever you touch the post. But it’s not valuable.  First of all we must have to convince about this situation to our client otherwise our relationship will go awry.

I will tell you an Example:

Look at below image its shows 6521 Facebook’s call now clicks and spend INR 46,363 but only get total 847 calls. Just think about this you can understand the depth of that robbery.

Facebook's Call Now Clicks

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