What is Contextual Link?

Do you ever have noticed a clickable text in an article/webpage.. Okay then it is called Contextual Link. Discussing about Contextual Link Building Strategies for 2022. They are per-planned backlink mine farms; its pure intention is to link building. There is no natural or artificial Contextual Link. Someone quoted other website’s name or content then refuse to add link it’s called natural mention. Its lied between bloggers broad and narrow mind. If I guest post about my client and add website link into selected keyword. It is someone called artificial Contextual Link.  Whatever when used properly, contextual links can help boost your SEO scores, popularity and trustworthiness.

SEO Myth: Best practice

SEO Reality: Sometime penalized, All are equal some are not more equal

Why is Contextual Link Building Important?

Including optimized contextual links on a webpage is a crucial SEO strategy.  Prime keywords should be composed of anchor text adding with link. Search engines determine the relevancy of the text. Website with Higher relevance gets higher search rankings and results.

Myth: Several keywords with link as possible, it as extra relevant

Reality:  Search engines will penalize

Non-contextual links is less important than contextual links. That is if you get a contextual link within a content piece getting more relevant and adds value to the article.

Contextual Link Building Strategies for 2022

  Benefits of contextual link building:

  1. Increase traffic — people are more likely to click on a link within useful content
  2. Increase awareness — more people will see your brand, name, and website
  3. Increase links — others that see you linked in a piece are more likely to link to you as well
  4. Increase authority — search engines will give greater page or domain authority to you
  5. Increase credibility — people will gain an increased trust in your expertise

How to Get Contextual Backlinks?

If you used correct Contextual link that benefit to your website which increase website credibility in Search engines. This deep links from that web page content is the main part deciding the uniqueness and relevance of a web page.

Guest blogging

Myth: Guest blogging is the well known Traditional method has been around for a long time, writing a post on another website with targeted keyword with your website link (contextual link). That allows the site and its readers with a link back to your site

Reality: This link building strategies has changed. Because now no one is reading blogs (reason click rate dropped). Then what is the purpose of writing Guest article spending 10’s and 100’s of dollars.

Mention from high quality Links

Myth: Someone mention about your website or long tail keyword in their article. But not backlink, you have to reach them and ask for link.

Reality: backlinking based on bloggers mentality. Mentioning another website on his blog but purposely he is not backlinking. Waiting that website webmaster to reach (beg) him for backlink. If my targeted long-tail keyword is in his website I reached him for backlinking link but he demand for payment. Some agencies introduce to you they have already established relationships with such authority sites, so getting a link for them is easier. They also demand for money.

Broken Backlinks

Myth: check for the content with broken link using SEO Tool. Tool helps you to find broken links on websites that have good authority. Reach them and you can easily have it replaced with an equivalent article or page of your own. If you don’t have create one and then make the pitch.

Reality: Without SEO Tool we can find broken link. First select a blog that contain your keyword (long-tail). Check all links in that article. If any link is broken reach them to put your link in that article. They ask for money. Pay for your backlink.  Done!!!