indexifembedded Allow you to control if you want Google to index a page with embedded content. Couple of days ago google has released a brand new robots tag “indexifembedded” that brings you more control over when your content is indexed.


What is indexifembedded ?

A new robots tag lets content creator to tell Google he would still like his content indexed when it’s embedded through iframes and similar HTML tags in other pages, even when the content page has the noindex tag.

How indexifembedded robot tag works ?

Solve media publishers Issue: Creator may want their content indexed when it’s embedded on third-party pages, they don’t necessarily want their media pages indexed on their own, earlier noindex tag prevent all the embedding content in other pages during indexing.

The indexifembedded is a new robot tag that will supplement the noindex meta tag.

<meta name=”googlebot” value=”noindex” />
<meta name=”googlebot” value=”indexifembedded” />
<!– OR –>
<meta name=”googlebot” value=”noindex,indexifembedded” />

Alternatively, you can specify the tag in the HTTP header:

X-Robots-Tag: googlebot:noindexX-Robots-Tag: googlebot:indexifembedded…OR…X-Robots-Tag: googlebot:noindex,indexifembedded

Google’s given example  , if has both the noindex and indexifembedded tag, it means Google can embed the content hosted on that page in during indexing. I assume the same would apply to Instagram and other embeds.

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