I do not know how many of you have heard of Google ads overdraft. But I heard this word a few days ago when I have called for support of Google Ads. You have thinking is what an overdraft is?  Let’s see what it is?

Google Ads Charged More than daily budget

You may have noticed that sometimes your Google Ads Campaigning daily budget is 500, but end of the day Google will charge double or triple. Which means it will be more than you daily budget.  It has happened to me many times. My client is not happy he raise this complains many time. Because under the RBI new rule the transaction by card above Rs 5,000 will not be allowed. It is very difficult to add money to ads account.  Transferring 30000 INR is toughest task. When running multiple campaigns full amount will be drained within a week.  Ads will be stopped.. I have decided to contact Google ads support.

What is Google Ads Overdraft?

Google Ads Overdraft

I have called Google Ads support and raised this issue. The support team told me that this is due to overdraft. If your Ads are well-optimized the system will run beyond daily budget and Google will not charge that amount. i.e. if your Ads run twice the daily budget Google will not charge the amount or if Google charge, other day Google will runs for less than daily budget. that’s how Google equalize/compensate the amount. This is called Overdraft.


In my experience this is not true. Our money will be charged and the ads will stop. Without top-upping more money ads will not run. Similar to that due to excessive greed swallowing complete food stretched out plate for more.  My client likes to/wants to run out his ads on daily budget, the purpose of daily budget is so. My client will not have much joy when our ads run more. We don’t want more lead rather than our daily budget. So we hope Google will end this robbery soon.